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The Big Church Switch calls on churches of all sizes and denominations to switch to energy suppliers that only provide electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Why switch?

Renewable energy can help restore the earth and bring balance to God’s creation. Clean energy sources offer a chance for everybody to thrive. Whereas the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity has been one of the largest factors increasing carbon emissions and driving climate change. Switching to renewable sources is crucial to efforts to limit climate change, which is already affecting the poorest communities around the world, and the Church can play a leading role.

Collectively as the Church community we have huge buying power, by acting together we can show demand for renewable energy; and send a clear and powerful message to governments and businesses that Christians are prepared to lead the way in moving our money out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy. By increasing investment in renewables we can improve the technology and infrastructure so that all communities across the world can utilise energy that is safe, clean and reliable.

Big Church Switch | A clear and powerful message

The Big Church Switch has specific criteria that energy suppliers must meet to be included:

  • 100% of the electricity that is put into the National Grid by, or on behalf of, the energy supplier must be UK-generated from 100% renewable sources; with none from nuclear (as shown by the official ‘fuel mix’)
  • All electricity tariffs featured in the Big Church Switch must be linked to 100% UK-generated electricity from 100% renewable sources

Individual energy suppliers who meet the Big Church Switch electricity criteria (as of February 2018) are listed on the homepage.

Big Church Switch | Loving our neighbours

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